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How can you advance your product innovation based on openness and critical thinking?

During the last months we have co-designed, conceptualized, invited, wrote, spoke, managed, ... with and for you all a Critical Making mentoring programme to take a deep dive into the principles that informed the creating this project
In this session, we want to celebrate the participants of the 2022 Cohort and their projects and introduce you to the team, the mentors and the upcoming process. Then Saad Chinoy will share with the first teaching session titled "Make things that make sense."
Saad is a professional geek with a passion for technology and OpenSource methodology. Co-founder of Singapore-based Frugal Innovation startup, SpudnikLab, a PotatoProductions company that works to address the #digitalDivide through digital skills education and effective use of low-cost technologies.
His Storytellers’ Kitchen and Edible Makerspace community initiatives bring together writers, illustrators, researchers, publishers, citizen scientists, and readers to demystify the complexity of smartphone interactivity AR / VR / stop-motion animation through learning by doing.

📆 Save the date: Wednesday, September 7th,
at 12pm UTC for approx. 90 minutes
(starting 8 pm Singapore, 3 pm EAT, 9 am Brazil).

Critical Making Stories

Open Source Educational Games

Education is a fundamental right, but it was limited in some communities due to the lack of access to technology during the Pandemics..

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The Unusable Fifth

I was walking down the narrow path to the river. Thankfully, the sweltering daytime sun was sinking behind the trees. I hopped over a column of safari ants and hastened my pace. It would be dark soon.

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Digital Data for Maternity Health

I have always believed that ideas to problems happen spontaneously in a context that most won’t even expect . How far we go with that idea to manifest it in the physical world.

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