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Looking back at recent months, our commitment to innovation stands strong. We're delighted to share the successful conclusion of our support project for Ukrainian makers within the Tolocar project and the delicate beginnings of a new meet-up cycle in Careables, both contributing to our mission of creating impactful solutions. We continue to work on enabling a new phase for Critical Making (Read about the Critical Making project outcomes here.)

The mAkE project – connecting European and African Maker Ecosystems with each other – continues to thrive. Check out the Open Catalogue of Business Models or check the latest knowledge pill and find out why all innovation is socially relevant. Click here to see all news.

Excitingly, we've also initiated algo:racism, a co-design lab focused on creating video games and interactive online resources to raise critical awareness about racism and discrimination in digital technologies.

GIG looks forward to the continued collaboration, creativity, and inspiration that the coming season brings. Stay tuned for more updates on our 2024 gathering, the GIG week under the theme “The Power of Networks” and grassroot innovations in your inbox.

Introducing Algo:Racism

Algo:racism Co-Design Lab, a collaborative effort by GIG and the University of Bristol, addresses racism in digital technologies through video games and interactive resources. Engaging diverse participants in four online workshops, the lab explores critical topics like identity, power, territory, education, and technology. Anticipated outcomes include online documentation, design briefings, and game development materials, aiming to challenge algorithmic racism in Brazil.

Stay updated on fonte.wiki and GitHub for future developments and join Algo:racism in reshaping narratives and promoting inclusivity through innovative solutions.

Learn more here.

Discover the Essence of DOTS 2023

2023 concluded by DOTS’23 Conference, a vibrant 4-day virtual event exclusively for members worldwide. This gathering served as a hub for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and discussions on innovation, sustainability, healthcare, and more.

Featuring informative sessions and engaging panels, the conference continued GIG's commitment to impact-driven innovation, emancipatory technology, and open source culture. Highlights included discussions on diversity in innovation hubs, business models and sustainability, agile prototyping, open healthcare solutions, and international cooperation finances.

The event culminated with opportunities for members to connect and celebrate at the "Meet the Members: The Annual Edition'' and "End-of-Year Members Party". Overall, DOTS'23 was a resounding success, showcasing the ongoing progress and collaboration within the GIG Community while inspiring continued action for the future.
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New Beginnings for Careables

Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit GIG's first European funded project, Careables. An initiative dedicated to co-creating and disseminating open-source medical solutions, marking an important milestone in GIG's journey.

Careables had great evaluation and involved many wonderful members of the GIG community, but could not yet attract a new funding cycle. The coordination through regular community calls and outreach activities stagnated. This changed when our latest intern, Rania, joined our team and learned about Careables. Rania, like many people, wasn't familiar with open-source technologies before joining GIG, let alone a platform dedicated to disseminating tailor-made medical solutions. Inspired by it, she became responsible for shedding light on the project again.

From social media campaigns to presentations and community calls, Rania set the groundwork for the project to continue growing and evolving. Thank you, Rania! <3>
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Tolocar Project Successfully Concludes

GIG is pleased to share the successful conclusion of our contribution to the Tolocar Project—an initiative supporting Ukrainian makers through global connections. In two recent online calls, we showcased the results and innovations achieved by inspiring changemakers like Konstantin Leonenko, Anika Nawer Meem, Artem Melnyk, and more. Highlights include discussions on water filtration systems, business models for makerspaces, a 3D Printed Smart House Model, and the Maslow4 CNC router.

Insightful conversations with Aziz Wadi, Anna Sera Lowe, Emilio Velis, and others added depth to the presentations. GIG remains dedicated to fostering collaboration with Ukrainian makers through the Ukrainian Maker Association.
Learn more here.
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A Roundup of Events

In recent months, our community embarked on a rich journey, from fostering mentorship and discussing climate solutions to exploring sustainable business models and supporting makers.

Highlights included showcasing project outcomes, the launch of GIGtionary and more. This period has been a testament to our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and the collective impact of our efforts.

Here's a timeline of the events that took place in the previous 6-month period.

News from the GIG Community

welcoming new members 🎉
What does it mean to be a GIG Member?

Becoming a GIG Member allows the possibility to connect with a global network of innovators and changemakers in various grassroots communities. GIG Membership grants access to GIG’s vibrant communication channels, including a mailing list and WhatsApp group, where knowledge and opportunities flow safely and freely. Finding potential collaborators is yet another benefit of becoming part of this Community, granting the chance to be involved in projects with policymakers, researchers, and practitioners.

Dhanyashri Kamalakkannan
Human Centered Designer
Tamil Nadu, India
Kuaku Effa Adu-Ampomah
Aenics Enigineeting LTD
Wstern Region, Ghana
Tchukwu Clinton Chukwueke
Innovation and Development Consultant
Joseph Agyina
Accra, Ghana
Sara Diaz
Berlin Textile Coop
Berlin, Germany
Yawo Afande
Munich, Germany
inspiring news ✨
  • Development Cooperation Organizations: GIG Becomes Member of "Development Cooperation Organizations" of Berlin, Read Article Here.
  • Makers in Residency: mAkE announced "MiR - Makers in Residency" and called for Participation in African Makerspaces, Read Article Here.
  • Safer Internet Day: Lab Hacker and Global Innovation Gathering collaborated for Safer Internet Day, championing a safer online experience, especially for children and young people.
  • Female Founders Accelerator Program: Natalie Miller, co-founder of XRGlobal and GIG member, secured a spot among the 14 winners of the Female Founder's Accelerator Program, Read Article Here.
  • SCoPE Project: SCoPE Recycling in Lomé, Togo has been awarded the Ez-Klein Projektfond by NBS, Read Article Here.
  • Featured Speaker at TedxBasra: Mariam Yaarub, a mechatronics engineer, an Iraqi entrepreneur and a GIG member, shared her journey in the difficulty of finding resources that help her in the field of innovation and sustainable industry, Read Article Here.

Events and Opportunities

latest from overall network 🌐
  • re:publica Berlin 2024| re:publica 24 will take place from 27-29 May 2024 at STATION Berlin. The motto for this years’ festival for the digital society is "Who cares?" Read more here.
  • ConservationXLabs | ConxTech prize the amazon is a global competition that seeks cutting-edge science and tech innovations to transform the Amazon's destructive, extractive economies into modern, regenerative ones. Proposals are especially welcomed from innovators based in the Amazon region. Apply here - Deadline: April 26th
  • Hackaday Europe 2024 | A weekend of talks and workshops at Motionlab in Berlin. Buy tickets here - Event dates: 12th-14th of April
  • Ecoflix | Free subscription streaming channel: Saving animals and the planet. Dedicated to NGOs and educators. Find out more here.
  • #AGYLE24 - African German Young Leaders in Business | Apply for AGYLE now to join young leaders from Africa in Berlin for an enriching week of exchange, discussions, and professional development. Apply here - Deadline: April 7th
  • Internet Society - Connecting the Unconnected | Apply to the Connecting the Unconnected funding program, supporting Internet infrastructure expansion for rural, remote, and low-income areas. Apply here - Deadline: July 16th to August 30th
  • IDRC|CRDI - Regional Hubs for Climate Change and Health | IDRC and other funding partners are investing up to CAD4 million to fund up to five institutions to establish regional hubs in the Global South. Apply here - Deadline: 5th April 17:00 ET
  • Climate Impact Innovations Challenge 2024 | East Ventures, through this challenge, aims to provide a platform for innovators to showcase technological solutions that address ecological or climate issues. Apply here - Deadline: June 4th
  • Eurofins Foundation Project Grant 2024 | Eurofins Foundation aims to fund impactful projects that contribute to improving global health and safety and protecting the environment. Apply here - Deadline: June 13th
  • Roots | Roots is launching a micro-grants program with grants of up to $10,000 USD to support youth-led groups, projects, initiatives, research, or campaigns that advocate for climate justice through an intersectional lens. Apply here - Deadline: August 1st


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