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On the 2nd of June 2023, the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) will celebrate a decade of bringing together over 90 global entrepreneurs, innovators and makers from different parts of the world each year to share knowledge, learn and connect with members, partners from across Europe during and around the renowned re:publica conference in Berlin. “Coming to GIG allowed me to connect with so many like-minded people who are doing similar work, I now have a new support network and a professional family - coming to re:publica allowed me to see the future”, said Kudzai M Mubaiwa from Harare, Zimbabwe during her first stay in Berlin back in 2015

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GIG supports the work of 170 members in 47 countries, facilitating global exchange between innovators and innovation spaces to co-create and implement long-term projects that offer collaborative solutions to systemic problems in different localities. GIG enables cross-cultural connections and global knowledge exchanges to support the members and their communities to develop solutions that best suit their local needs. “Joining GIG impacted Science Camp in both social mindset of running a makerspace in a critical area (Middle East) and by opening the opportunities to get support to build one of well-equipped makerspace can face the challenges of filling the gap between the North and South in technology, industry, and STEM education, digital transformation”, said Nawres Arif from Science Camp, Basra, Iraq.

GIG is pursuing a new vision for global cooperation based on equality, openness and sharing. The organisation aims to enable more diversity in the production of technology and global innovation processes and support open and sustainable solutions developed by grassroots innovators. “Over the past decade, we have demonstrated that a different approach to development cooperation is possible, impactful, and sustainable”, said Geraldine de Bastion, founder of GIG.

An open conference celebrating 10 years of the network will take place on Friday, June 2nd, in cooperation with Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. Founding GIG members will present their journey at GIG, their work, and how years of global collaborations have impacted their local communities. Other leading experts will speak about current topics related to digital sustainable development cooperation, open innovations and technologies, distributed production and the right to repair.

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About GIG
The GIG network first came together at and around re:publica 2013, formed a decentral, bottom-up community, and formally registered as a nonprofit association in Berlin, Germany in 2017. With solid roots in the Global South, GIG shares and collaborates globally and provides a platform for meaningful exchange by fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration between its members. The GIG association is a charitable organisation and is eligible for donations. If you want to support our work, we are grateful for your contributions and are open to partnerships.
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