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Equipped Africa International

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Juba, South Sudan

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Equipped Africa International

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Juba, Central Equatoria State, South Sudan

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Equipped Africa International Is an institution and a Consulting Firm That Seeks To Promote, Connect The Different Sectors Of The Economy (Private, Public And Voluntary Sector) through Consultancy, Program and Projects designing as well as implementations, representation, capacity building In South Sudan (Africa) In Order To Enable Them Compete In The Global Scene Through Creation Of Independent Systems, Policies, Cultures, Access To Finance As Well As Organisational Values That Accelerate Its Economic Growth At A Global Level By Utilizing The Available Resources To Its Benefits By Improving The Development Of Institution in All the Member States As Well As Connecting It To The New Geopolitical Systems, Trade, Technology, Markets And Access To Current Information.

Though Our Network, Stakeholders, Partners, Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Institutions, Businesses, Cooperation’s, Government Institutions Can Represent, Interconnect, Access, Work Together by provision of knowledge and information’s from its programs For A Successful Intercontinental Access To The Global Scene And Speak As A One Body Through Multicultural Values As Well As Helps In Negotiations For A Balance Usage Of Its Resources, Access To Capital For Start-Ups (Businesses And Entrepreneurs), New Joint Ventures, Improve Ties That Connects First Africa Within Its Member States Through Trade, Intercontinental Ties or Treaties (both Bilateral And Multi-Lateral), Free Movement with promotion Of Goods and services, movement of people, first within South Sudan and beyond.

The Institution Shall Be Located in South Sudan with Its Headquarters in Juba, South Sudan with A Level of International Representations of Its activities in The Global Scene


To Promote an Independent, Self-Resilient and Sustainable Private Institutions That Promotes a Vibrant Systems, Policies and Culture of Resilience and Sustainability in Africa.


We Seek to Create Institutions That Adds Value to African Economy Through Building Networks Between the Three Sectors of The Economy That’s Public, Private and The Voluntary in Building Policies and Culture of Self-Resilient and Sustainability in Africa to Be Able to Compete in The Global Atmosphere.

Objectives and Goals

*     To represent Africa in the global level and participate in activities that benefits the continent through implementation of OAU policies and the UN development goals

*     To promote values and joint economic growth and implementations of the activities that promotes the growth of Africa to achieve Vision 2060

*     To Develop systems of SME’s and Institution to enable effectiveness and professionalism in Africa

*     To Promote the culture, values and sharing of information about trade and policies across the African Continent

*     To promote activities of the different sector to help get access to finance through representations and value addition to the current resources





*     To Provide Advisory services and Advocacy for the success of the different spheres and angels of the sector through promoting cross cultural ties and activities as well a s a common ground of representations both economically with sharing of common views for prosperous Africa in 10 years

*     To connect Africa to the world through a representation in all activities and sharing of common resources for its growth and success

How We Work:

We work with institutions and bodies that share the same values with us who wishes to generate a growth, constant, represent bodies in promoting, generating and development of new systems that enables piloting and implementations of new ideas across Africa and the globe.

Our Services

*     Policy Formulations, Drafting and Implementations

*     Financial Literacy and Trainings

*     Capacity Building, Systems and Skills Development

*     Project And Program Monitoring, Evolutions and Management

*     Consultancy, Trainings, Career development and Mentorship

*     Marketing Promotions and Developments

*     Entrepreneurship

*     Textile and Merchandise

*     Advocacy