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Celebrating the End of a 3-Year Cycle 🎉

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During the last 36 months, and with the support of Global Innovation Gathering, CoAct was able to deliver Citizen Social Science concepts and practices to more than 1,6 million people. Combining a wide range of communication strategies and tools, along with immense resilience and creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic – made this target much more attainable.

During the first year (2020), CoAct focused on developing the project’s communication and dissemination strategy alongside its corporate identity and design elements.
The second year, was dedicated to increasing engagement with the publication as well as diffusing information regarding the first outcomes, learnt lessons, and concentration of different contributors in conversations about the various thematic areas within the project.
As for the third and last year, CoAct continued communicating and discussing activities and learnings through various social media platform and online events.
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3 Years of Co-Researching and Learning

This documentary presents the work done in CoAct (Co-designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action) from January 2020 until August 2022.
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CoAct had the opportunity to explore the possibilities and challenges of participatory research across various thematic lenses and socio-political contexts. In this panel, we unpack several key learnings from these experiences and receive feedback from leading civil society members and policymakers.
photo leading to Youtube video Event: Opportunities and Hurdles for an Inclusive Approach to Citizen Social Science
The Gender Equality Open Call grantees explain how they assimilated CSO-led methods in their ongoing local work.
photo leading to Youtube video Event: Citizen Social Science and Civic Organizations Advocating Gender Equality

CoAct Policy Briefs and White Papers

  1. Policy Brief on opportunities and challenges of Citizen Social Science
  2. Brief on policy recommendations to promote and strengthen mental health social support networks
  3. Policy Guidelines and Recommendations for New Social Measures on Youth Employment
  4. Citizen Social Science for Sanitation Policy in the Matanza-Riachuelo Basin.
  5. White Paper on Citizen Social Science applied to Civic Organization Projects.
  6. Participatory Evaluation for sustainable social transformation: the CoAct Co-Evaluation Whitepaper


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