GIG, in its role as CoAct consortium member, strives to contribute to the shaping of this approach with a global bottom-up perspective on how Science should/is be thought of and addressed, and how inclusive bottom-up practices are enabled, in most diverse contexts around the world. Building on a series of hangouts, webinars, and other conversations we hosted over the last two years, we concluded in 5 key leading topics.

In 2022 we will

  • Host one hangout per topic and invite you to join the conversation
  • Co-write an open publication and invite you to co-author [more info here]

as our contribution to the shaping of an inclusive Citizen Social Science approach!

Join our Hangouts!

During the hangouts we will have a vibrant conversation around one topic at a time. We will also provide information regarding the co-writing and answer questions to everyone who is interested to co-author with us!

  1. April 21: Locally driven protocols and local traditions in Science
  2. May 19: The ownership of Science
  3. June 23: Decolonizing our educational/institutional influences
  4. August 25: Practices to overcome false representation in participatory processes
  5. September 22: Ethical standard setting in Citizen Science communities

Time: Always at 1400 CEST / CET

Feel free to write to us via [email protected] if you have further questions


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