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Whether it was a cold or a warm season in your part of the globe, the past three months were quite eventful for GIG, as June was the time for GIG's yearly gathering. This year, the gathering also coincided with the 10th year anniversary of the organization. The ultimate goal of these yearly gatherings is to bring together members from all over the world who are passionate about innovation and also create a space where these people can connect, learn, share, and get inspired.

Once the festivities were over and everyone went back home, it was time to set the inspiration gathered during the events into motion, which for GIG meant carrying on with the active campaigns and projects such as mAkE, Critical Making and Tolocar.

10 Years of Global Innovation Gathering

GIG celebrated its 10th anniversary with a grand event in Berlin this June, bringing together over 70 global members from different parts of the world to foster collaboration, inclusivity, and innovation.

The 2-day event featured keynote speeches, workshops on emerging technologies, panel discussions on global challenges, and engaging sessions on entrepreneurship, design thinking, mindfulness and much more. The conference aimed to foster innovation and change towards more sustainable and inclusive practices, emphasizing the importance of implementing open design and open hardware.

The speakers discussed topics such as local repair cultures, technology regulations in the global south, circular economy, reducing consumption, community right to repair, digital rights management, and much more.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, encapsulating the organization's mission to inspire and empower the GIG community; It was a celebration of the past decade of progress, as well as a call to action for the future.
Click below to watch panel talks from the 10 Years of GIG Conference ⬇
collage image including moments from the 10 years of gig conference

GIG at re:publica23

This year, the Berlin based digital festival re:publica had the theme of "Cash". The festival explored the role of money in society, from the future of finance to the ethics of data capitalism.

GIG took part in re:publica23 by collaborating in the creation and initiation of the Makerspace as well as having some of their members and hub members contribute to re:publica’s keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions.

Christian Lindner, Germany's Federal Minister of Finance and Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action visited the Makerspace and co-working area where some of the GIG Member’s projects were exhibited. The festival concluded with a memorable boat ride on Berlin’s Spree River where GIG Members and many others got to enjoy a wonderful sunset to the sounds of latest worldwide music.

re:publica 2023 was a great opportunity for GIG Members to share knowledge, have insights on the future of money and to network with other people who are interested in tech, innovation and cash.

A Roundup of Recent News and Events from the GIG Community

GIG continued with its regular routine of online events and talks.

The events ranged from raising awareness in an inspiring way on how to generate profit from social businesses, to launching an awareness campaign on the principles and recommendations promoting transparency, collaboration, and accessibility in the field of critical making, as well as addressing the topics of decentralized manufacturing, shared knowledge and so much more.

Here's a timeline of the events that took place in the previous 3-month period.

News from the GIG Community

welcoming new members 🎉
Latest GIG Member - Ade Ogunniyi Tech Master at VIVITA, Inc. from United States
Ade Ogunniyi
Latest GIG Member - Mariam Yaarub National Technical Lead from Baghdad Iraq
Maryam Yaarub
ECO Life
Baghdad, Iraq
Latest GIG Member - Charles Vincent Barrete Industrial Designer | Humanitarian | Digital Fabricator from Philippine
Charles Vincent
Field Ready
Latest GIG Member - May El-Dardiry Program Manager | Educator | Maker | Innovation & Design Thinking Trainer | Business Strategist & Leader from Cairo, Egypt
May El Dardiry
Orange Digital Center
Cairo, Egypt
Latest GIG Member - Laura Sobral urban practitioner, researcher and consultant from Porto, Portugal
Laura Sobral
A Cidade Precisa de Você
Latest GIG Mmeber - Nadait Gebremedhen Founder and Executive Director, Hagush — building cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable development solutions from Brooklyn, New York
Nadait Gebremedhen
inspiring news ✨
  • DDP: Distributed Design Awards Winners Were Finally Announced. Read Article Here.
  • CityLab Berlin Sommerfest: Geraldine DeBastion, founder of GIG tackled the transformative potential of distributed manufacturing as a sustainable alternative to conventional mass manufacturing systems, in particular in the context of circular cities and green transformation. Link to full talk in German.
  • TedxMünster Talk: Daniela Marzavan, GIG Supervisory Board Member and Founder of Change Darer talks about The Power of "Meraki" in Transformation.
  • Advancing Digital Economy in Nigeria: Congrats to old time GIG member Dr. Bosun Tijani on the role as Nigeria’s new Minister for Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy.
  • GIG Website Migration: to provide a more pleasant user experience - continuous work in progress.
  • GIG Tech Group: to up-level the overall tech experience.
  • Social Innovation Atlas: Showcasing different maps of social innovation projects worldwide.

Events and Opportunities

latest from overall network 🌐
  • Wikimedia Alliances Fund | The Wikimedia Alliances Fund supports organizations that can contribute toward the strategic direction of the Wikimedia Movement, especially those that promote knowledge equity. Apply Here - Deadline: Varies Depending on Applicants’ Region
  • The Essence of Repair Culture | Join this webinar and learn more about Repair Cultures Across the World and How it Connects Communities. Register Here - Deadline: September 12th
  • The Mandela Washington Fellowship | This is a fellowship for Young African Leaders. It is a program of the U.S. Government's YALI, with nearly 5,800 young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa participating since 2014. Apply Here - Deadline: September 12th
  • S+T+ARTS 4 AFRICA RESIDENCIES Call for Hosts | The first S+T+ARTS residency program fully dedicated to promote Sub-Saharan Africa innovation at the nexus of Science + Technology + Arts. Apply Here - Deadline: September 13th
  • Innovation Support Organisation (ISO) Accelerate Program Application | Providing resources and expertise to entrepreneurs, fostering creativity and economic development. The Accelerate program is for high-impact ISO in Africa and requires comprehensive details to assess alignment with program objectives. Apply Here - Deadline: September 15th
  • The Supporting Act: Impact Grant | Impact Grants help artist-led grassroots organizations with community-driven approaches towards using arts for social change, particularly those offering support to emerging artists from underrecognized groups. Apply Here - Deadline: September 18th
  • JRC Makers-in-Residence Edition #3 | JRC Makers-in-Residence Program for Q1 2024 selects makers to develop tangible outcomes for proposed: arctic, biodiversidade, bioeconomy, and public spaces. Apply Here - Deadline: September 30th
  • 2024 EYEBEAM FELLOWSHIP Open Call | Artists are called on to use technology to create and affirm humanity's role in the techno-future during a digital-first fellowship cycle from Feb-Aug 2024. Apply Here - Deadline: October 1st
  • Distributed Design Mentor Scheme | Introducing the Distributed Design Mentor Scheme, a dynamic initiative that fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange within the creative community. This program brings together experienced mentors and aspiring designers, makers, and creatives, creating a platform for guidance, support, and professional development. Apply Here - Deadline: October 15th
  • International Climate Protection Fellowship | If you work in climate protection or resource conservation in a non-European developing or transition country, If you are a prospective leader, you might get the chance to do a one-year research-related project in Germany as part of your fellowship if you are a postdoc, long-term academic research 12-24 months. Apply Here - Deadline: February 1st


  • International Repair Day | A few weeks are left till it's time for International Repair Day on October 21, 2023. So far donations of €600 have been received, but more are needed to reach the €4000 target to make the event happen. Donate Here - Deadline: October 21st

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