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Gilberto Vieira

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Maré, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brasil

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data_labe has the mission of enhancing and fostering the field of communication, technology and research that has as centrality the production of knowledge and public policies thought of favelas and vulnerable territories.

data_labe believes that from this will emerge experiences and formulations capable of updating and strengthening the democratization of communication and combat social inequalities.


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data_labe is a data and narratives lab run for and by the residents of favelas In Brazil. Data_labe enables people to understand the value of their data, collect it and engage in campaigns and policy processes to claim their rights, based on data. Data_labe shows how enabling communities to work with data in a citizen-based way can promote public policies and visibility for those otherwise marginalized in Brazilian society. We produce research, reports, journalism, training, and advocacy for the eradication of racism, LGBTI+ rights, the lives of women, digital rights, and the dignified lives of the people who live in the peripheries of Brazil.

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"Nothing ever continues; everything will begin again!" (Mario Quintana)