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What to Do When Climate Change Knocks on the Door?

LabStorm, also known as Lab Tempestade, tackles climate change challenges in São Paulo and Metropolitan Region of Recife, areas hit by extreme rainfall. Through the collaboration of community efforts and expert insights, this project was able to create sustainable solutions.

The project highlights the extensive impact of climate-related issues, including severe flooding, environmental disasters, displacement of communities, and loss of lives, while showcasing community-driven solutions to address these challenges.

Delve deeper to uncover the innovative strategies and real-world applications positioning LabStorm as a ray of hope and a model for future environmental resilience and sustainable development.

Some Chronicles of Climate Destruction


In 1975, a deadly flood submerged 80% of Recife, blurring the lines between river and city amidst chaos. (Read more)


In May 2022, relentless rain in Recife triggered floods and landslides, causing 130 fatalities and widespread displacement. (Read More)


In February 2023, record rainfall in São Paulo's northern coast caused devastating landslides and floods, leading to fatalities. (Read more)

A Glance into the LabStorm Project

Get the vibes of how the project went through watching this 10 minutes video.

  • Labstorm Results
  • 5 Groups 
Labstorm Results

The first LabStorm event at Casa Criatura, Lab Tempestade Olinda, united diverse minds, including Professors Cristiana Coutinho Duarte and Circe Monteiro, to brainstorm innovative climate solutions.

The activities emphasized collaboration over competition, addressing Recife's climate impacts, community involvement, and sustainable urban development.

Contributions varied from preserving ancestral wisdom to devising new communication methods for climate crises, showcasing how partnerships like Instituto Procomum, Casa Criatura, and Global Innovation Gathering can drive significant, positive change through shared expertise and creative spaces.

Learn about the 5 Groups in the next slide.

5 Groups 

Casa Guardia: Preserving Ancestral Wisdom in Coque

Casa Guardiã project aims to tackle the food and healthcare needs of indigenous women in the Coque community by creating a hub for safeguarding and sharing their ancestral wisdom. This space will house a natural pharmacy, promote agroecological practices, and preserve a seed bank for native plants, emphasising the vital role of women's spiritual and ancestral knowledge. The initiative highlights the importance of a physical place for exchanging and maintaining this traditional knowledge, using sustainable building methods and materials like bamboo for its construction.

Innovative Flood Protection: The Eco-Friendly Waterproof Device

Led by Rafael, this group proposed a solution for flood-prone areas with a waterproof device to protect valuables. This innovation aims to secure personal items and ensure people can evacuate quickly without risking their safety. The device, made from eco-friendly materials, comes in different sizes for versatility.

Ricardo Ruiz sees its potential for widespread market availability, especially in Brazil, where floods are common. This approach combines environmental consciousness with practical disaster preparedness.

Supporting Frontline Heroes: The Climate of Care Initiative

This group was led by Débora's group proposed a "Climate of Care" service focusing on the well-being and mental health of frontline professionals tackling climate crises. This plan includes psychological support, active listening, and holistic therapies to ensure these workers receive the care they need.

The initiative aims to create a supportive community, enriched by personal stories and experiences, to foster a nurturing environment for those who face the brunt of environmental emergencies.

Supporting Frontline Heroes: The Climate of Care Initiative

Havana's group is launching the Tempest Observatory to centralize knowledge on combating climate change and disasters in Recife. They're developing an accessible, evolving database filled with local solutions and tech insights for public use, leveraging their IT and data analysis expertise. 

This project, aimed at enhancing community resilience, also stimulates the tech industry's interest for its potential in AI development.

Strategies for Effective Climate Disaster Awareness

Joice's group is focusing on enhancing communication about climate disasters to ensure effective message delivery to vulnerable areas. They're designing vivid A3 posters and videos, featuring local influencers, to educate communities on rain preparedness and emergency evacuation routes. The strategy includes using innovative mediums like sound bikes for neighborhood broadcasts and engaging children in climate awareness. 

Their approach is collaborative, with plans for broad outreach including partnerships with international consulates.

A Selection of The Best Articles From LabStorm

LabStorm Olinda Calls on the Community to Propose Actions Against Climate Crisis

We cannot wait for magical solutions to face climate crisis; LabStorm, an initiative to reverse the impact to climate change.

Casa Criatura Launches LabStorm: A Climate Action Laboratory

Casa Criatura joins forces with Instituto Procomum and Global Innovation Gathering to prototype ideas and face climate change in the Metropolitan Region of Recife.

LabStorm Ends Successfully, Leaving a Taste for Wanting More

The first edition of the Climate Action Laboratory in Olinda closed. Lab Tempestade, a joint initiative by Instituto Procomum, Global Innovation Gathering and Casa Criatura, came to an end with great achievements.

what's next?

At Global Innovation Gathering, we're driven by the mission to embody the change we advocate for, especially in combating climate change. Post-LabStorm, our focus will intensify on disseminating calls for proposals and supporting socio-environmental projects. 

We're dedicated to knitting together varied endeavors to amplify our environmental impact positively. 

This collaborative spirit, shared with Instituto Procomum and Casa Criatura, and supported by the German foundation Nord-Süd-Brücken and the German Ministry for Cooperation and Development, propels us forward in our environmental advocacy.


Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken (The North-South Bridges Foundation)
The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


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