The #Labmobile is a mobile space for learning, hacking, making, and, most of all, for knowledge exchange and community building. The main goal is to have a vehicle to unite people who would otherwise never have met. We want to share our learning that connections made through co-creation are deep, impactful and lasting: We are what we create together!

In 2021, with support from Nörd-Süd-Brüken, Platform Africa ran (literally!) the mobile space to deliver their popular and practical training in remote areas of Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement and neighbouring communities in northern Uganda. Five workshops on (critical) media skills, podcast production and trauma recovery were conducted in different locations using the Big Blue vehicle converted into a mobile training room.

  • Labmobile: on the road in Northern Uganda

    Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement and surrounding communities in northern Uganda face many problems, two of which GIG and Platform Africa […]

  • GIG@35C3. Hacking Diversity at a Hacker Congress.

    In December 2018, we managed to gig up rp:Accra and just a week later also 35C3. It has been an intense time – but totally worth it! What is 35C3? […]

  • GIG @ re:publica 2018

    “We are what we create together” re:publica #18 is happening again and we are excited that a vibrant, diverse community of innovators joined for the 6th Global Innovation Gathering (GIG). […]

  • GIG@re:connecting Europe 2017

    In 2017 the re:publica team came up with an ambitious project to take the idea of re:publica further: Activists, scientists, hackers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, journalists, social media and marketing experts gathered in […]

  • #Labmobile on tour to Greece

    Our sparkling Big Blue #Labmobile is on it’s way to Greece together with a fabulous team: its creator Vicy, Communitere and FabLab Siegen. Follow @labmobil   Wrapping up Berlin Maker Faire, Big […]

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