GIG together with MBM (Masr Bela Marad, which translates as “Egypt without illness“) an Egyptian NGO and a donation of Siemens AG and Siemens Energy AG set up in Shubra El Khema a Smart clinic.

The clinic is an example of participatory and inclusive development, where all partners worked together for a common goal: to improve access to health when needed more than ever.

We aim to establish the Careables programme in Smart Clinics around the globe to train engineers, makers, designers, doctors, and nurses to improve medical devices’ access to all people.

Masr Bela Marad Organization is an Egyptian NGO established in 2017. MBM mission is to provide primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare service and health awareness all over Egypt targeting minorities and less privileged areas of Egypt led by a platform of volunteering health care professionals.

Social media handels of MBM:

Information about Shubra El Khema Smart Clinic:

14 El Mahdy Str.- Shobra Rl Khema, behind Crystal Asfour.
Access by Bus, Car and Toktok.

Open from 12:00 – 18:00, From Saturday to Thursday.

The clinic will be open from the 4 th of July 2021

*The payment will represent 30% of the operation cost of the clinic and is representative of a voluntary donation and not fee for-profit.


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