Algo:racism is a co-design lab that aims to create video games and other interactive online resources to raise critical awareness about racism and discrimination in digital technologies. The lab is a partnership between the Global Innovation Gathering and the project Contesting Algorithmic Racism in Brazil, from the University of Bristol and funded by the AHRC Impact Acceleration Fund.

Algo:racism explores how data and digital technologies, such as algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, often embed and reproduce racist biases and practices that affect marginalised communities in Brazil and worldwide. The project also seeks to challenge and contest algorithmic racism by fostering cross-cultural collaboration, knowledge exchange, and mutual learning among diverse participants.

The co-design lab consists of four online workshops between October and November 2023. The workshops involve a curated group of participants from different fields of knowledge and experience, such as academics, activists, artists, educators, indigenous leaders, and students. The workshops promote open discussion about algorithmic racism and related issues, such as identity, power, territory, education, and technology. The workshops also aim to generate data and insights to inform the design briefings and tech specifications for developing games and other resources.

The expected outcomes of the co-design lab are:

  • Sharing online documentation about the discussions on algorithmic racism in Brazil, published on and GitHub with open licenses.
  • Design briefings, benchmarks, and supporting materials for developing games and other resources published online and GitHub.
  • Plan for iterative development of games and other online resources for 2024.
  • Promote a community dedicated to creating games and other interactive online content to contest algorithmic racism in Brazil.

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If you are interested in learning more or in supporting this project, read the blog post below or contact us on our social media channels at @weareGIG 


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