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San3a Tech (Sanaa Tech) is a social enterprise committed to democratizing personalized manufacturing, technical innovation and DIY culture by providing access to the environment, skills, materials, and equipment to allow anyone from hobbyists to entrepreneurs and professionals to turn their ideas into prototypes and physical products. We impact 25, 000 beneficiaries yearly through our various products including Fab Lab Egypt which is now a network of 6 fablabs across Egypt, San3a Academy which acts as the educational arm of the company, and many other capacity-building programs. We’re also the organizers of Maker Faire Cairo and had the honor of organizing the first Fab Lab Global Conference in Africa in 2019. Through our 10-year journey since we kicked-off Fab Lab Egypt in 2011, we helped set up +30 makerspaces and fablabs locally and internationally.

Our services include:

Access to the fablabs
Professional technical support in digital fabrication and personalized manufacturing areas for startups and the industrial sector.
Innovation labs installation and management
Educational and socially-driven capacity-building programs
Maker-related events and conferences