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Nicole Lowe

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51 Station Dr, Morningside, Berea, 4001, South Africa

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The Makerspace

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Durban, South Africa

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The MakerSpace exists to lower the barriers of entry for people to express their creativity in a physical way.

We work to bring people together, working creatively, inspiring each other, engaging with new technology, and building the “bottom-up economy”.

By leveraging the natural generosity inherent in maker culture, we can unlock a new level of efficiency in skills transfer. Creating a safe environment where anyone can learn to use new technologies and experienced professionals can share their knowledge and help the next generation.

We support grassroots innovators by providing access to advanced tools that can help people make products to address local needs. We support local micro-businesses, giving people the ability to locally conceptualize, design, develop, fabricate, test, and commercialize almost anything.

The workspace is used by individuals to create everything from arts and crafts to engineering prototypes and social innovation solutions.
We offer infrastructure, equipment, mentorship, training, fundraising and management support, and access to a global network of leading institutions, foundations, and donors.

We provide access to technology, technical training and business support to unemployed youth in South Africa to help them find quality employment or explore starting their own business.

We do this through various programs, i.e.: Research & Development, Software Development and IoT, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Skills, Sustainability and Recycling.