GIG is pursuing a new vision for global cooperation and development based on equality, openness and sharing.

As an international network and NGO, we aim to create meaningful connections between innovators and have a positive impact on the policies and frameworks for grassroots innovation.

  • GIG enables cooperation and international exchange between innovators and social innovation spaces, in order to support their work and share best practices.
  • GIG supports hub sustainability and peer-capacity development between members.

GIG aims to contribute to the creation and use of open, inclusive and sustainable technologies.  

  • GIG supports the collaborative creation of sustainable development and open, fair and inclusive technologies.
  • GIG supports the international reach and adaption of sustainable, open technologies for ecological and social innovation, and
  • GIG promotes dialogue and fosters exchange on digital rights, inclusion and diversity

GIG supports research in the field of innovation and development, digital rights and technology ecosystem questions carried out by local experts and international teams.

GIG aims to promote better environments in developing countries as well as in countries that traditionally produce technology to be more sustainable and inclusive. GIG engages in policy dialogues and aims to support community members in lobbying their governments to create policy frameworks that foster innovation and grass-roots technology development.

GIG aims to represent members interests by acting as an interface between governments, donors and innovation spaces. GIG provides a connection and entry point for partners, encouraging an open dialogue around developing suitable programs and support structures.

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