DOTS – The Impact Summit | 5-7 December | Nakuru, Kenya


Climate change, economic inequality and political divisions are only becoming more pressing challenges in the whole world. As a network of networks, hubs and individuals, we want to jointly implement change through concrete and tangible projects. 

We will use the power of a gathering to cocreate and implement long-term projects that offer collaborative solutions to systemic problems in different localities.

Dots will converge with with r0g_agency for open culture’s #ASKnet programme: a community based hub development program linking six start-up MIL and innovation hubs in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. The event will be hosted by the youngest of the #ASKnet hubs, Nakuru based ASKlab! Situated in the Nakuru locality of Lanet, DOTS brings together a broad range of knowledge sharing, entrepreneurial and open innovation activists from across East Africa and beyond to cross-mentor and explore new modus operandi across the vibrant GIG network.


DOTS – The Impact Summit is a new, impact and output driven event format – it is more than a hackathon, a barcamp, an accelerator sprint – it is a combination of innovative formats and methodologies kicking off and scaling up collaborative (South-to-South) projects.

5-6 December 2019: Collaborative Tracks

Digital Detox and Data Sensitivity (with Tactical Tech)

At DOTS, we come together to build on existing open source materials from a different perspective: How can innovation hubs around the globe, with their respective challenges, engage their communities around the topic of data sensitivity? How can they support entrepreneurs in thinking more critically about the use of data in their products, perhaps even market their awareness as a selling point? Read more

iConsult & Kosmos Kredits Hackathon (with i4Policy)

The Innovation for Policy Foundation (i4Policy) builds tools, methodologies and trainings to support common interest formation and public policy co-creation at scale. i4Policy also facilitates deliberative and participatory processes of policy reform and advises governments on consulting their citizens. Kosmos Kredits is an experimental allocation system for distributed contributions to self-organizing autonomous collaborations.
At DOTS, we will bring together developers from both the i4Policy and the Kosmos teams for a civic tech hackathon to achieve several objectives. Overall, the project is intended to develop a joint work plan to gain practical experience piloting the Kredits application while invigorating the open source developer community around the iConsult tool. Read more

Sustainable Making

Together with designers, makers, DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and policymakers, this track will discuss, design and answer questions around how to grow maker spaces and support making which promotes both environmental and economic stability for local communities, including the most vulnerable populations. Read more

Life Sensor Makeathon

At DOTS, we want to show the Life Sensor to GIG members, check it’s preparedness for local use cases, try the reproduceability and work on the next iteration of the prototype: a custom circuit board that reducing the size and the error-proneness of the unit while keeping the parts modular. Read more

Open Science for Peacebuilding

Open science offers the means to develop and build tools to help us overcome conflicts. Open science and data literacy equip us to critically think about the root causes of and potential solutions for conflicts. And finally, open science can serve as a vehicle of peacebuilding in communities through collaborative events, such as hackathons or makeathons. After sharing their experiences, the participants will develop a joint framework for open science and peacebuilding in action. Read more

7 December 2019: Public Event (tbd)


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