Climate change, economic inequality and political divisions are only becoming more pressing challenges in the whole world. As a network of networks, hubs and individuals, we want to jointly implement change through concrete and tangible projects. 

GIG uses the power of gatherings to cocreate and implement long-term projects that offer collaborative solutions to systemic problems in different localities, connected through a global network.

Therefore, we started DOTS in 2019 as a new, impact and output driven event format – it is more than a hackathon, a barcamp, an accelerator sprint – it is a combination of innovative formats and methodologies kicking off and scaling up collaborative (South-to-South) projects.

DOTS 2020 was a virtual event bringing together communities all around the world in times of COVID-19.

DOTS 2019 converged with the #ASKnet community based hub development program linking six start-up media and innovation hubs in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, organized by r0g_agency for open culture. DOTS 2019 was hosted by the youngest of the #ASKnet hubs, ASKlab! situated in the Nakuru locality of Lanet.

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