GIG members are committed to the values of constant curiosityopen collaboration, and sustainable impact. Our network is built on openness, trust, respect, love and magic.

We are driven and shaped by grassroots perspectives on development and social innovation.

We believe in diversity and inclusion. All humans are equal! We respect different religious, political or ethnic views as well as arbitrary criteria such as sex, ethnicity, age, degree or position.

GIG embraces a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds.

We aim to contribute to the creation of open, sustainable, inclusive technologies. Further we aim to employ technology to make the world a culturally, socially, environmentally and economically sustainable place for all to live in.

We believe in the power of the community to solve challenges. We believe in solving problems locally and sustainably by way of utilizing and/or establishing local infrastructures. We also believe in collaborating and working together across borders to support the development, exchange and adaption of grassroots innovations to solve global problems.

We believe in free and equal access to information which includes access to education and opportunities, open access to knowledge and technology such as the Internet.

Whether it’s building infrastructure, shaping policies, building solutions or managing communities, or researching, GIG is an alliance of people who believe in actively shaping their future, supporting their communities and taking responsibility.

We believe in active citizenship, in doing instead of waiting and in development through grassroot initiatives. This includes research and education as much as creating or supporting technological innovation and debate.


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