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GIGweek24: The Power of Networks | Conference Day, Berlin.

May 31 All day

GIGweek24 is an invitation to connect. As part of it, we invite you to a one day conference in Berlin, bringing together our global community of innovators, thinkers, and creators with likeminded people from organizations in Germany and Europe to explore “The Power of Networks”. It’s a place where ideas meet action, facilitated by the rich diversity of our participants.

Here’s What to Expect: The conference day kicks off with a welcome address, quickly moving into parallel roundtables and workshops, designed to foster collaboration and learning.

Why Attend? “The Power of Networks” isn’t just our theme; it’s our belief. In today’s world, strength of connections has a direct impact on defining the impact of work. The GIGweek24 is about building those connections—professionally, creatively, globally.

We welcome you on Friday, 31st May in the center of Berlin.

Join through “registering to attend” or simply “save the event” to your calendar. Let’s make the GIGweek24 a place where every handshake feels like a hug, where every idea shared ties us closer. Let’s celebrate the beauty of coming together.

Ready to Engage? GIGweek24 awaits. Discover the power of networks, and how, together, we shape the future of innovation.