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GOSH Gathering Panama

26 October 2022 @ 8:00 am 29 October 2022 @ 5:00 pm

GOSH GATHERING 2022 | October 26-29, Panama

image via the GOSH 2022 website

You are invited to apply to the upcoming Global Gathering for Open Science Hardware 2022!

Spend four days with Scientists, Technologists, Artists, Conservationists, and Designers from local groups and around the world to help shape the future of Open Science!

Join workshops and fieldtrips with biohackers and junglepunks. Check out talks by international community organizers. Learn about the latest opportunities for collaboration, funding, and research leading towards an open-equitable future for science! Discuss your own unique challenges for your work with experts from around the world. This will all be possible while getting to explore the magnificent biodiversity that Panama has to offer!

What is GOSH and Open Science Hardware?

The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) is a global community of artists, researchers, activists, hackers, hardware developers, and more dedicated to making open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025. Science hardware encompasses the tools and machinery we use for scientific endeavors (for example, a microscope or environmental sensor). Open Science Hardware refers to science hardware that is open source – or free to use, change, study, or distribute. By making science hardware open, more people can have access to the tools we use to do science. Find out more by visiting the GOSH website!

Format of the Gathering

GOSH Gatherings are held in an “Unconference Style” that follows our Community Events Framework.

This means that the majority of the conference is actually planned and created by the participants once they arrive! Only a basic structure is pre-planned, and the overall conference is free to change and evolve to fit the needs of the participants.

Because everything GOSH does is open-source, they even put together a free, beautiful book to show how you can run an unconference like that!

Background on the Gatherings

The first Gathering was held at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in 2016, and this gathering led to the creation of the GOSH Manifesto, which outlines the guiding principles and values of the GOSH Community. The next Gathering was held at Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile in 2017, and it was there that the community came together to create a roadmap outlining actions and steps needed to make open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025. With an aim of growing the community, the last Gathering was in 2018 and was held at OpenFiesta, Tsinghua University, in Shenzhen, China.

GOSH 2022 will be held in Ciudad Del Saber, Panama. It’s on the edge of Panama city, across the street from the Canal, and only 30 minutes from the nearest international airport.