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Vulca Seminar 2023 | Learning Networks

23 November 2023 @ 8:00 am 26 November 2023 @ 5:00 pm

About Vulca Seminar

Vulca Seminars were created as a following step of Vulca Tours, enabling the makers’ community to interconnect with each other, deepening the sense of belonging to the community VULCA is developing.

Through Seminars, we want to emphasise different makers’ communities in Europe. Each year, our seminar is organised in a different place and country in Europe, and topics are adapted based on key efforts of the welcoming community.

Seminars are open to everyone who thinks the maker movement makes a positive impact and we want to encourage everyone (makers, hackers, researchers, …) to meet and discuss with each other.

6th EDITION (already)

Previous editions of VULCA Seminar brought us to several European countries such as France, Poland or Portugal. In 2023 VULCA community will be reunited in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We visited Slovenia in 2017, meeting Kreator Lab in Maribor, and then Zavod 404Poligon and Rog Lab in Ljubljana. Years after, we kept relations with some of them through different projects and events.

2023 is the right moment to organise something together, and the new CENTER ROG seems to be the perfect place to host the VULCA community for 3 days of conference, workshops and networking.

Learn more about this years’ seminar through this link: vulca.eu/seminar23/