The partnership between the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) and re:publica shows what happens when people from all over the world come together to share ideas. This relationship has turned a simple proposal into an exciting annual event that connects and inspires innovators globally. In this article, we’ll explore how GIG and re:publica started working together, highlight the key moments from their events, and discuss the impact on the community. We will also recognize the supporters who keep this partnership thriving and look ahead to future projects.

The Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) is a dynamic network where social and technological innovators tackle global challenges through grassroots solutions. By organizing events, workshops, and collaborative projects, GIG promotes technology, innovation, and community engagement, enabling practical solutions that make a lasting difference.

During the upcoming GIGweek24 in Berlin, participants will experience a blend of connection, education, and creativity. The event will kick off with a welcoming session and quickly transition to insightful talks and interactive workshops. Anticipated highlights include presentations by African makers, discussions on digital transformation, and workshops on sustainable practices, all culminating in a casual pizza evening at c-base for networking and relaxation.

Meanwhile, re:publica stands as Europe’s largest festival focused on the digital society. It gathers professionals, bloggers, and activists to engage with digital culture through a diverse program of talks, panels, and DIY activities. The inclusivity of the event is notable, with a strong emphasis on participant-driven content.

The partnership between GIG and re:publica began in 2013 when the idea for a “Global Innovation Lounge” was proposed. This initiative expanded re:publica’s scope to a global platform, and was the starting point for a diverse global community that became the Global Innovation Gathering NGO. . Since then, GIG enriches the annual re:publica conference with its Makerspace, a hub of innovation showcasing creative technologies and promoting international collaboration.

Our gratitude extends to all who have supported the flourishing partnership between GIG and re:publica over the years. Special thanks to local hubs like Machbar Potsdam and xHain hack+makespace, who have played pivotal roles in developing the Makerspace over the years, and to the Distributed Design Platform of Creative Europe for their continuous support. 

For 2024 we extend our gratitude to the City of Berlin (Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit) and the Embassy of Brazil in Germany.


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