It is super easy to create your member page on the GIG website. Let´s go to!

Click in the middle button, REGISTER NOW!, if you want to creat a new user

Fill all the data requested. Just some fields are mandatory, but we really want to know you better 🙂

Click on the COMPLETE SIGN UP button in the bottom of the page

The platform will send you an email with your activation link. Search for our email on your mailboxes and click on the link sent.

Once you click on the link, your browser will open a page similar to this one. Click on the ACTIVATE button

Your account is activated! now click on the LOG IN link in the middle of the page

after logging in, go to the Black menu bar at the top and click on EDIT PROFILE

Now you just need to fill your information. You can choose between information tabs: Contact information, Organizational information and Sharing information. You can also change your profile picture!

You can choose different access to each field in the form. Just click on the CHANGE link under each field…

… and select who will be able to see this information online 🙂

You can also control every field access at the same time, on your SETTINGS page, in the PROFILE VISIBILITY tab

Always remember to save your changes every time!

You can also edit your bio on the front page, so people can get a perspective about yourself!

In the TOP MAIN MENU, click on NETWORK and MEMBERS to see a list of all the members, know more about their organizations and more!

You can search for members, countries, activities… You can also click on a member to know more about their profile


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