70 innovators, makers and hackers from 25 countries


  • GIG Makerspace and GIG Stage focus on global Maker Movement and innovation ecosystems
  • DIY workshops and talks on grassroots innovation, circular economy and industrial (r)evolution


Berlin, 27 April 2016 – Just a few days left until Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) returns to re:publica for its 4th iteration. This year, we are celebrating re:publica’s 10th anniversary (#rpTEN: 2 – 4 May 2016) and we’re inviting over 60 GIG members from 25 countries. These innovators, makers and hackers from across the world will present tech innovation and maker projects from Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The GIG network brings new perspectives from across the world to Europe’s leading conference on the Internet and society, re:publica. With three days of workshops at the pop-up GIG Makerspace and a full day of stage programme, GIG is one of the largest and diverse tracks of this year’s re:publica.

The full #GIG16 @ #rpTEN programme can be found at re-publica.de/en/tags/global-innovation-gathering-gig


GIG Makerspace | 2 – 4 May 2016 @ re:publica TEN

Three days of hands-on workshop programme at the GIG Makerspace. The makerspace will be kitted out with 3D printers, knitting machines, vinyl cutters and other maker machines, which can be tried and tested by all participants. The workshop programme is designed to cater to beginners (basics of 3D printing, building circuitry) as well as experienced makers. Amongst many others, workshop programme features Tarek Ahmed, the founder of the Cairo Hackerspace, who will present open source IoT solutions for monitoring plants, and Nawres Arif founder of the Iraqi makerspace Science Camp, who will show how 3D motion capture works.


GIG Stage | 4 May 2016 @ re:publica TEN

The programme at the GIG stage will look at policies affecting innovation and discuss possible solutions to barriers and best-practice approaches, while Paralympic medal-winner Denise Schindler, Asem Hasna (maker, entrepreneur, activist from Syria) and others will talk about their experiences with 3D printed prostheses. The programme will also focus on open source alternatives to IoT solutions, global spread of the Maker movement and policies hindering innovation in developing countries.


GIG session highlights include:

A Circular Approach to Making

From Brazilian Gambiarra to African DIY to repair culture in Europe, makers are exploring more sustainable production methods around the world., Gabriela Agustini (Olabi), Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou (WoeLab) and Anna Lowe (Kumasi Hive) will discuss this new mindset can contribute significantly to the drive towards a more circular economy and also to validate a creative work done in the peripheries of the world.


Stephen Kovats (r0g_agency for open culture), Kudzai Mubaiwa (iZone Hub), Martín Restrepo (Appiario) and Theo Dolan (PeaceTech Lab) will discuss Peace-Hack-Camping, an ICT4D action bringing tech and social innovators, peacebuilders and open culture activists together to jump-start and promote new forms of learning and collaboration to support post-conflict development.

Innovation in Refugee Camps

Refugee camps are often viewed as temporary stop overs for people migrating from one place to another. However, often refugee camps become permanent or semi-permanent homes and have developed into towns and cities of their own. Killian Kleinschmidt (switxboard.net), Ana Laura Santos (Rethink Relief), Grace Keji (#defyhatenow), Marlen de la Chaux (University of Cambridge) and Katharina Dermühl (KIRON) will look at the economics of refugee camps and highlight examples of innovation in the most unlikely settings.

Hacking Humanitarian Aid

Sam Bloch, Founder and Executive Director of Communitere, a relief organization operating Resource Centers in Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal, will offer insights into how the disaster relief and aid industry operates and how grassroots organizations can bring their brand of innovation to influence it.

GIG members are available for interviews.


About GIG
The Global Innovation Gathering is a global network of innovation hubs, hackerspaces, makerspaces, entrepreneurs and innovators. GIG has been growing steadily since 2013 and now comprises of more than 100 drivers of global innovation from almost 30 countries. With its diverse members, collaborative projects and its truly equitable setup, GIG is pursuing a new vision for development and cooperation based on equality, openness and sharing.


About re:publica
re:publica is Europe’s largest conference on internet and digital society. It attracts over 7000 participants to discuss themes and topics concerning our interconnected society and creates a space for bloggers, politicians, scientists, business people, artists and activists to come together. The founders of republica GmbH, newthinking communications and Spreeblick Verlag have been involved in internet policy and digital culture and society for over a decade. They are also the founders of two of Germany’s most well-known blogs: netzpolitik.org and spreeblick.com. The 10th re:publica takes place 2 – 4 May 2016 at STATION-Berlin.


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