“The commons is what gives meaning to our existence”

Kum’tum Akroá-Gamella, from the Akroá-Gamella people, state of Maranhão, northeast of Brazil.

We believe that the commons, in its multiple perspectives, is an essential kaleidoscope concept for facing this historic moment of hopelessness, in Brazil and in the world.

The Optics of the Commons series brings together sixteen short episodes featuring voices and ideas from young experts and activists. In the videos, they address different perspectives on living and making communities based on a diversity of studies, practices and experiences.

Seen together, the approaches produce inspiring resonances. Taking inspiration from these words, the Procomum Institute invites everyone to reflect and question our ways of existing, living and building relationships.

Watch and share! Let’s talk about how together we can dream – and build- other possible futures. All videos have english subtitles.

Find the full playlist here.


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