On March 14th, Lab Procomum will celebrate the 2019 cycle ventures of our social entrepreneurship school, A Colaboradora – Empreender e Transfomar (Entrepreneurship and Transform). The event will take place at the headquarters of LAB Procomum and marks the end of a one-year training, developing and mentoring process with 25 social impact entrepreneurs from Baixada Santista (São Paulo State coast, Brazil).

It will be an afternoon of culture, art, creativity, entrepreneurship, good conversation and good meetings. In addition to the presentation of the projects, we will have a round of experiences with cases of creativity and social impact from Baixada Santista, São Paulo and the Federal District.

This year, the city of Santos will host the Unesco Creative Cities event. And for us, this is the moment to show that entrepreneurs from the peripheries and minorities are of vital importance for this ecosystem and live creativity and social transformation in their daily lives.

And we will continue to foster and build creativity and transformation together: we will open the call for the second edition of A Colaboradora – Empreender e Trasformar in April.

Originally published at Lab Procomum.

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