The Olabi, in Brazil, built a digital platform that organises information related to the decentralised production of medical supplies during the pandemic.

Protege BR shows the production of more than 220 groups across Brazil, organises online events to transfer technology between them, connect the groups with health agents and donors, and also provides open PPE projects already in use in the country.

The project intends to increase the production of urgent items in the context of COVID-19, and also develop a network infrastructure able to promote dialogue around different areas of such a large country (in Brazil, there are 200 million inhabitants spread over more than 8 million square meters).

The social organisation is working in partnership with and the Ford Foundation in the quest to reduce the effects of the pandemic in the country where the contamination grows the most.

We organise Zoom meetings every Tuesday 7pm in Rio de Janeiro time. Get in touch and follow our Instagram!


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