LAB Procomum is launching an action-research to highlight the role of the black population of Santos-SP.

The LAB Procomum citizen laboratory is located in Santos-SP, a coastal city and the largest port in the country. Historically known as the land of freedom and the vanguard in the fight against slavery, in recent years the city has undergone a process of social and racial exclusion.

Watch the teaser video of LAB Procomum’s project Memórias, Narrativas e Tecnologias negras da Baixada Santista!

The new LAB Procomum project Memories, Narratives and Black Technologies from Baixada Santista seeks to highlight the historical and contemporary importance of the black population in the region in an action research and a series of training activities using open technologies, art and culture.

The project is just beginning, you can follow it here!


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