As part of the Disruption Network Lab’s focus on Borders of Fear, the r0g_agency’s #migrantmedianetwork hosted a session in October that centered on questions of migration from African countries to Germany. The evening’s activities, which included role play and expert discussions, focused on the obstacles individuals face when attempting to apply for a visa and possible solutions to these hurdles. To read more about the evening, visit our blog here. The session in October was followed by two sessions in November that focused on data privacy and creating safe passages for migration.

The r0g_agency’s #defyhatenow project launched it’s latest Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide for Cameroon, available in both English and French. The Field Guide, currently also being developed for implementation in Ethiopia, focuses on providing tools to identify and counteract online hate speech and incitement to violence. Read more about the guide and its recent launch here.

Our #ASKnet programme hub partners have been running events aimed at empowering others through strengthened media literacy and open technology skills. At the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Uganda a #peacejam concert was held and broadcast online by Platform Africa, as part of this year’s Int. Day of Peace. Additionally, Platform Africa hosted the #ASKLens workshop focusing on digital photography skills and how to tell stories through photography. In South Sudan, the GoGirlsICT team began to successfully implement virtual, remote learning in response to the Covid-19 challenge – facilitating education aimed especially at girls and young women.

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