The Makerspace:  A Global Miniature of Innovation

The Makerspace: A Global Miniature of Innovation

Can technology promise to heal and reconstruct what previous technological revolutions have destroyed? Current technological advancements are no longer powered by steam, but what are they powered by?Amidst the wake of an AI revolution, how do we examine the medium before the message and avoid another retrospective into the impact of technologies on society? In the makerspace at re:publica, The Digital Doughnut Modelworkshopwill explore how technology sectors and the technologies we use can get us to thrive and not only to survive as humans without overcrossing the boundaries of the Planet.  What do people in Iraq -arguably one of the hottest spots on earth-, do to mitigate climate change? The innovation for climate change sessionwill show us how they make water from thin air and utilize the blazing heat from the sun to help their society. As we pose all these questions, we can not but wonder, were the answers there all along in indigenous knowledge and traditional knowledge structures? Incorporating Indigenous...
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