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37th Chaos Communication Congress Hamburg

image from ccc website

27 December 2022 @ 8:00 am 30 December 2022 @ 5:00 pm CET

The 37th edition of the Chaos Communication Congress will be held in Hamburg.

The Chaos Communication Congress has taken a break for well-known reasons. They plan to return to the Hamburg Congress Center (CCH) for the 37th Chaos Communication Congress.

The traditional date of 27-30 December will of course be maintained.

Chaos Computer Club

With 7700 members, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is Europe’s largest hacker organization. The organisation was founded in 1981 and is registered as an Eingetragener Verein in Germany, with local chapters (known as Erfa-Kreise) in numerous locations around Germany and the neighbouring countries, especially where German-speaking groups exist. Instead, since 1985, several Swiss chapters have formed the Chaos Computer Club Schweiz (CCC-CH), an autonomous sister organization.

The CCC sees itself as “a galactic society of living forms that work for information freedom beyond boundaries, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or societal orientation.”

The CCC generally pushes for increased government openness, information freedom, and the human right to communicate. The group advocates for free universal access to computers and technical infrastructure, as well as the usage of open-source software, while adhering to the hacker ethic’s values. The CCC promotes an entrepreneurial worldview that rejects capitalist dominance. It is “one of the most powerful digital organizations everywhere, the epicentre of German digital culture, hacker culture, hacktivism, and any debate of democratic and digital rights.”