The GIG Makerspace is back! If you were at either re:publica ‘14 or ‘15 you will no-doubt remember the awesome 3D printing, laser cutting, soldering, wiring, moulding and building going on in the GIG Makerspace. This year we’re back with a fabulous third iteration sponsored by Autodesk and equipped by Fab Lab Berlin, and are happy to be able to join in the celebration of re:publica’s 10th anniversary. In past years, the GIG Makerspace featured some of the most innovative projects and people from the global maker culture: home made laser cutters, 3D printers made from e-waste, self-made solar-powered phone chargers, LED graffiti and singing vegetables. This year promises to be even better!

The GIG Makerspace is the place at re:publica where people can come to tinker, experiment, create, learn and share knowledge. We love getting people involved in maker culture, from veterans to complete newcomers. So whether you are an experienced maker or a n00b, come learn, code, build and geek out with us!

GIG Makerspace 2016

This year we’re back with more tech, more makers, more workshops and some of the most interesting innovators, entrepreneurs and makers from across the globe! We have some awesome partners, equipment and workshops lined up for you.

The GIG Makerspace is being fully equipped by the awesome folks at Fab Lab Berlin. Thanks to their support, and the participation of Laydrop, you’ll be able to get your hands on a host of equipment – including various 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, heat press, knitting machine and open source CNC machine.

Our wonderful partners at Arduino and Bürklin are supplying all the necessary kit to trick out a full makerspace. Look ward to soldering, an array of power tools, electronics of all shapes and sizes.

We love spreading maker culture and giving you a chance to meet, interact and learn with global innovators, engineers and hackers. We’ve teamed up with Autodesk to put together a great selection of workshops, demos and activities for people with all different interests and skill sets – from introductory courses in coding and product design, to make-and-take demonstrations that will have you building funky lamps and bat-signals.

Our workshop programme is open to all re:publica attendees – and especially kids from the age of 8 – to take part in. If you’re interested in rolling up your sleeves and getting to work on some awesome projects, come on over to the GIG Makerspace workshop session. Here are some highlights from our workshop programme (some workshops are held in English, some in German):

Intermediate / Advanced Knowledge

Awesome Playful Learning

Make-and-take Activities

Check out our full workshop programme here.

Workshop participation will work on a sign-up basis. Come to the GIG Makerspace and sign-up for the workshops you wish to attend. Please note, workshops max out at 15 participants so make sure you put your name down early. Workshops are free to attend but we’ll be asking for a donation for any parts you wish to take home after completing the workshop.

Come find us at the STATION’s main hall during all three days of re:publica!


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