In the past two years we have been developing human-centered formats for teaching the contents and especially the new transformative components of the SDGs to policy makers that work for or with the German Development Services. Hence we are training parters, policy consultants and politicians to stop designing perfect solutions for ill-defined problems and unknown recipients. The format is a summer school academy of one week where the participants get SDG related theoretical input and apply it to fictive challenges in order to learn by doing. The next step is to actually help these people implement the learnings in their country programs. For this purpose we would love to reach out to our network….but this will sure take a while… policy design sure is a challenge of embracing slowness and patience.

This is just one part of our – now somehow more structured – activity. In April 2017 we set up the innovation consultancy and capacity building company I remember how two years ago during our GIG meeting I was asking for Gabi’s advice on the logo design. Well I sure am proud that we survived the first year and that the team is growing strong and supports me in accommodating job, research and two small babies. Also other people on the team have babies so we are prototyping ways to accommodate child care and post-modern work by traveling the world, constantly reinventing your job and staying creative, meaningful and relevant etc.


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