Anna, Saad, Alex, and Jorge joined this year’s edition of the Gathering for Open Science Hardware in Shenzhen. China’s booming hardware city was the perfect place for workshops, fruitful discussions and foundation of new collaborations from people all around the globe.

Saad and Alex hosted a workshop about microbial fuel cells and discussed with the community how this technology can be further advanced in future. Anna hosted a session on distributed manufacturing and is part of a team documenting open hardware business models – she would love to hear from any GIGgers with suggestions of ones to look at. Jorge (who arrived late so missed the photo, therefore was photoshopped in) was leading discussions on AfricaOSH which will move from Kumasi to Tanzania for next year.

We think that GOSH’s aims of making Science Hardware open and accessible to all are very complementary to the GIG ideals; would you agree?


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