Part time for 3 years; apply until January 5th.

Would you like to shape global cooperation, advance citizen social science globally and raise awareness for participatory research? Then we look forward to your application!

The Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) is a community of innovation hubs, makerspaces, hackerspaces and other grassroot innovation community spaces and initiatives as well as individual innovators, makers, technologists and changemakers. GIG is pursuing a new vision for global cooperation based on equality, openness and sharing.

In January 2020, we will start implementing a 3-year project on participatory social science, as part of a consortium with 8 other partners in the EU Horizon 2020 funded project “CoAct”. The project aims to engage vulnerable citizens and local civil society groups in Research and Innovation initiatives. GIG will be responsible for the coordination of communication, dissemination and exploitation of project results (WP8, please see expert from the project proposal below).

The objectives of our work in the project are to disseminate CoAct results and build a global sustainable Citizen Social Science community of practice as well as to increase scientific literacy, skills, competences and public awareness regarding science.

We are therefore looking to hire a project and community coordinator (*/f/m), starting in January 2020 on a part time basis.

As project coordinator you will oversee all project activities on behalf of GIG and act as the main contact point for the consortium partners, the GIG executive board and other team members. You will be responsible for overseeing the development and execution of project deliverables, in particular the deliverables of work package 8 for which GIG is in the lead, budget oversight for work package 8, monitoring project processes and progress, writing concepts and reports for work package 8 as well as project administration.

We are looking for a motivated and professional new team member: you do not have to bring years of work experience as long as you are good at what you do. As this is a part time position, we are flexible in accommodating different life models, whether it is studying or having a baby or a second profession next to this position.

Your core tasks:

●  Coordinate the Co-Act project on behalf of GIG, take part in regular consortium calls and meetings (readiness to travel within Europe), writing of activity reports, meeting minutes and financial reports on a regular basis.

●  Conceive the strategy for the communication and outreach of the Co-Act project (see deliverables of work package 8)

●  Coordinate the creation and production of knowledge outputs from the project and dissemination materials with other consortium members

●  Coordinate the creation of media and outreach materials as well as the website and other outputs with external service providers

●  Plan, create and publish content on Social Media channels

●  Produce or edit content and publish it on the website

●  Coordinate media and press outreach

●  Ensure regular involvement of and reporting to the GIG members and boards

●  Take part in regular GIG team calls and share project outcomes with the GIG network

Required skills:

●  Excellent coordination and communication skills

●  Confident mastery working in CMS, Office and Social Media tools

●  Very good media and design skills, in particular designing media and outreach strategies and designing knowledge products such as training materials, toolkits and other learning materials

●  Understanding of website design and creations from the non-technical perspective

●  Openness and creativity and an interest to work in international networks

●  Very good English language skills, written and spoken

●  Basic skills and interest in accounting and project administration

What we offer:

●  Work with an exciting, global project, engaged international community and a great team in an attractive office in Berlin

●  Access to our international network

●  Flexibility in terms of work hours and home office/remote arrangements Compensation according to TV-L E 10 for approx. 20 working hours per week, fixed duration of 3 years. We’re looking forward to your application including a motivation letter and a CV without picture. Please send it to [email protected], not later than January 5th, 2019. We look forward to receiving your application!

Excerpt from the Project Proposal CoAct

The general objective of CoAct! is to deploy and demonstrate the scientific relevance and the social impact of Citizen Social Science which is still to date an underexplored area of Citizen Science. CoAct! will enable a new understanding of Citizen Science valid to social research, creating an unprecedented field work to achieve the following specific eight objectives :

  1. To generate new groundbreaking and open scientific outcomes by means of Citizen Social Science.
  2. To engage vulnerable citizens and local civil society groups in R&I initiatives and to place them at the centre of the R&I cycle .
  3. To produce scientific evidence informed reactions and thereby create new policies and to improve existing ones.
  4. To build a common and validated transdisciplinary Citizen Social Science methodological framework for a variety of end-users.
  5. To promote Open Science and scientific research integrity in methods and data.
  6. To create and validate a robust and inclusive R&I evaluation framework .
  7. To increase scientific literacy, skills, competences and public awareness regarding science.
  8. To disseminate CoAct! results and build a global sustainable Citizen Social Science community of Practice

GIG is responsible for Work Package 8. To disseminate CoAct! results and build a global sustainable Citizen Social Science community of practice.

Description of work package tasks and deliverables:

8.1 Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication Plan: This task will consist of the elaboration of a detailed exploitation, dissemination and communication plan. GIG will be in charge of the dissemination and communication plan and the exploitation plan will be led by the University of Barcelona.

8.2 Creation of the visual identity, website and social media accounts: GIG will have prepared the logo, the website of the project and established the social media accounts. The website will include statistics records. During the project, GIG will update properly the website with the material generated by the Consortium, design a social media strategy and act as a community manager of CoAct! social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

8.3 Creation of contents for dissemination and communications: Contents and tools, such as project brochures and flyers, videos and articles will be prepared. Especially innovative contents and dissemination methods such as microlearning videos, digital storytelling or infographics made with sketching will be used. All these materials will be distributed by the proper channels described in the communication and dissemination section.

8.4 Dissemination activities: The activities listed in the dissemination plan (8.1) will be implemented. In particular, the following innovative format/tools will be developed: 1) Hackathons/Datathons 2) Satellites workshops in European and international conferences 3) Practical demonstrations of digital tools (digital platforms and chatbot) 4) Specific capacity building events to present and launch the Open Calls for Research Pilots

8.5 Communication activities: The communication activities will be implemented, according to the communication plan. Innovative formats, such as a Public Exhibition in Vienna (in relation to WP4) or the organization of public events to fight against the stigma suffered by the persons with an experience of mental health disorders (in relation to WP3) will be prioritized. In line with the established media strategy, GIG will ensure the quality of the materials to be prepared for press releases and press conferences and supervise media relations, in collaboration with the press office of UB.

8.6 Exploitation activities: This task will be led by the University of Barcelona and will help different partners to implement the actions defined in the Exploitation Plan. In particular, the exploitation of training courses and of genuine research strategies for policy impact will be explored.

8.7 Citizen Social Science Summer School for PhD students: A one week Summer School for PhD students will be organized. The participation of students coming from a wide range of disciplines (not only Social Sciences), a wide range of countries and a wide range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds will be encouraged. This first of this kind formal education action will also disseminate the Citizen Social Science strong methodological transdisciplinary framework established by the CoAct! Project. The summer school will reinforce the Citizen Social Science community building, with a special focus on sustainability as early career researchers will be involved. The material used during this summer school will be compiled in an Open deliverable, with the aim to be used in PhD programmes from diverse disciplines.

8.8 Final conference preparation and realization: Toward the end of the project, a final CoAct! conference will take place, with the aim of disseminating the results of the project to all the relevant stakeholders at an European Level. Relevant representatives of policy bodies dealing with mental health, youth unemployment, gender equality and environmental actions will be invited to participate to a Policy Forum. The civil society, in the form of bottom-up associations, activists or NGOs will be another important target. The co-researchers will act as co-presenters of the conclusions, as competent experts in their fields. Moreover, concrete outcomes of the project such as the Open Citizen Science Toolkit .


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