The Project A Colaboradora – Arts and Communities of the Instituto Procomum has already selected the 12 artists participating in the second edition via open call. More than 80 artists subscribed from all over the region.

This time, the artists will be part of an open and cooperative arts school that will help them to develop their own habilities and their projects in the territory in Bacia do Mercado, Santos port district, São Paulo State, Brazil. A region marked by poverty and inequality, but of historical and cultural importance for the region and the country. Art is our tool for creating true bonds.

In addition to project development and mentoring, artists must also exchange services with each other. Stimulating another possible economy in which artists and creators are direct victims of the economic crisis and precarious work.

For now, the participants are going through the initial three-month mentoring and then they will develop their projects in the six-month period.

Originally published at Lab Procomum.


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