News from Instituto Procomum – May 2021

Publication discusses the role of art in the crisis (UN)Farm: The End Of The World As We Know is a publication that compiles the thinking of 15 artists, activists and commoners from Brazil around communities, politics, aesthetics and imagination. The Cycle was based on the thoughts of Brazilian artists such as Ailton Krenak, Denise Ferreira […]

Collaboration and arts against the economic crisis and precarious work

The Project A Colaboradora – Arts and Communities of the Instituto Procomum has already selected the 12 artists participating in the second edition via open call. More than 80 artists subscribed from all over the region. This time, the artists will be part of an open and cooperative arts school that will help them to […]

LAB Procomum: Creating a citizen innovation Lab to promote the commons

LAB Procomum is a citizen innovation laboratory maintained by Instituto Procomum since 2017 in Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil. In partnership with Bela Baderna the Lab produced a short video capturing some of the core projects and stories. Find out what it’s like to build a citizen innovation laboratory dedicated to the promotion of commons, […]

Radio Amnesia: Support Indigenous Communication in Brazil

Amnesia is a network of free radios, web sites and itinerant radio experiences that believe in access to media production and content dissemination as a tool to achieve the fundamental rights of life in society, especially for indigenous and original communities. We aim to build a secure and private communication network for the thousands of […]

Meeting your neighborhood friends, activists and makers – open:fora at r0g Agency

Together with Open Source Ecology Germany e.V., and with the support of the Guerrilla Foundation and GIGgers in Berlin we from r0g Agency held our first open:fora ‘street meet’ … a rather spontaneous artistic and cultural action intended to complement the week of re:publica. At a time where we felt that cultural activism and open […]

A Colaboradora: Fostering creativity and collaboration through the principles of self-management, care and social currency

Last April Procomum Institute launched the new edition of the A Colaboradora (The Collaborator) programme. The Collaborator is a collaborative platform that brings together a collective work environment and a free school. Created by the Procomum Institute, it is inspired by the project “La Colaboradora”, a program of the social innovation ecosystem Zaragoza Activa, in […]