Through the support of the Moss Challenge Covid-19 action, promoted by the Mozilla Foundation, Careables Casa Criatura developed an open-source aerosol box model to use at Intensive Care Units (ICU). The aerosol box is used in the process of intubation and extubation of patients, to avoid the contact of aerosol sprays of patients with doctors.

The product was validated with doctors from 2 different hospitals in the Metropolitan Region of Recife, who have experience in the field of orotracheal intubation. In addition to the product itself, a community that brings together professors, medical students and designers from Casa Criatura were created.

Aerosol Box development at Casa Criatura

As it is an equipment to use in ICUs, we now want to seek certification and registration of a free patent.

Find the open-source project to be replied and further developed in your community here!


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