We have been selected as one of the 10 post-Covid “common challenges” projects of the Frena La Curva (FLC) platform, which is present in 16 countries.

FLC is a citizen platform where volunteers, entrepreneurs, activists, social organisations, makers and public and open innovation labs, cooperate to channel and organise social energy and civic resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic by giving a response from civil society that is complementary to that of government and essential public services.

Our project is named “CoAct: Citizen Science and Mental Health” and is a project of social citizen science on mental health that shares personal experiences on accompaniment and social support networks. Project summary: COVID-19 further emphasizes that the need to strive to maintain good mental health must be a concern of all.

How do we care and can we be better cared for? Can people with their own experience contribute their baggage? Can we take advantage of existing resources and expand them all?

The project arises from a collaboration between OpenSystems and Federació Salut Mental Catalunya. Joining the efforts of FrenaLaCurva, we would like to advance in the design of a digital tool to share daily experiences and publish them anonymously and visually. The experiences, in the form of dilemmas and questions, will be waiting to be reciprocated by other people, seeking empathy and mutual support.

Participants will be co-designers of a collective intelligence space where to normalise and socialise emotional health experiences, and where asking questions and getting answers to personal concerns also represents strengthening social support networks.

Learn more at http://coactfrenalacurva.net/!


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