Global Innovation Gathering: Unveiling Stories of Impact and Collective Transformation

In 2015, GIG transformed Kudzai’s life, sparking her passion for the intersection of finance and technology. As an economic development specialist, she champions digital solutions in enterprise development and personal finance. Originating from Zimbabwe, the diverse grassroots initiatives within GIG captivated her. Upon joining, she immediately sensed a profound unfolding of the future, declaring, “The first thing I saw here was the future.” This foresight translates into recognizing the boundless potential of creative minds to envision and shape a life surpassing current realities.

Transitioning to the panel, Jay Fajardo, Kudzai Mbaiwa, and Georgia Nicolau share their experiences with GIG. Jay, a tech entrepreneur with 35+ years in ICT, became a GIG member in 2013. Founder of PROUDCLOUD and director of LAUNCHGARAGE, he’s a pioneer in the Philippine tech scene. Jay emphasizes curating a shared vision for success, unlocking collective innovation through active participation. His 2013 experience revealed the power of grassroots innovation, leading to the creation of a hub for like-minded individuals. The lasting impact of this community, evident in 2023, attests to the passion and energy within GIG.

Through collective action and shared vision, we pave the way for a more liberated, inclusive, and enriched future, transcending limitations. Inspired by GIG’s support, Kudzai founded iZone, an innovative space for makers, innovators, creatives, and startups. iZone’s success is directly tied to the invaluable support from GIG members. Reflecting on the transformative 2015 experience, our collective identity is shaped by collaborative efforts and individual contributions within the community. Together, we define ourselves through shared achievements and creations.

Concluding the panel, Georgia, a Brazilian creative professional with GIG since 2013 and currently serving as the director of programming and partnerships at Procomum Institute, emphasizes the paramount importance of collective action within GIG. Reflecting on her time, she underscores the profound global connections that define the true essence of GIG. The synergy between the state and the market, interpersonal connections, and invisible threads woven through shared aspirations sustain the community. GIG’s focus is on creating tangible solutions for real change, distinguishing it from a mere discussion platform. The commitment to action sets GIG apart, solidifying its impact in driving meaningful transformation.

Stay tuned for the upcoming video recording of this insightful panel!


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