Gig @ re:publica’22 is here!

GIG @ re:publica ‘22 is finally happening in-person (after 2 years of not being able to) and we couldn’t be more excited! This year’s festival with the “Any way the wind blows” happens on 8-10 June, at Arena Berlin & Festsaal Kreuzberg Yay for the Makerspace! The Makerspace is happening at re:publica 2022 and as […]

MboaLab inaugurates its “Bio Innovation Hub”

MboaLab committed to educating, transforming and positively impacting the lives of the Cameroonian people through its DIY lab. Last February, Mboalab, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, inaugurated its “Bio-Innovation Hub”. This Hub is a shared biotechnology laboratory made available to researchers and students and is already undoubtedly contributing to the democratisation of biotechnology in […]

The first month of a maker lab against Covid-19 in northeastern Brazil

Careables is an international platform collaboration that enables citizens to co-design and deliver people-centred health products through means of digital fabrication. In Latin America, partners LabCOCO, Casa Criatura and Coletivo 3D (in Olinda city) and LabProComum (city of Santos) function as the hubs to connect to local communities of citizens with (physical) healthcare needs, carers, and public healthcare professionals with the community of […]

Careables Olinda Diary: Our first 15 days

Careables is a community of makers and users of open-source, collaborative hardware innovations that can be easily replicated globally via 3D printing and other forms of fabrication. The aim of our work package in Olinda is to engage stakeholder communities, bring these existing communities together and connect them in the field of open source healthcare […]

Africa Hardware and Open Science Summit 2020

Focusing on DIYBio & Sustainability in 2020 Africa OSH Summit 2020 will be held in Yaounde, Cameroon, from 14 to 16 May 2020, under the theme ‘Growing the Do-It-Yourself & Do-It-Together (DIY/DIT) Culture for Community Transformation’. It will be hosted by Mboa Lab. The summit will host workshops, discussions and conferences on making, hacking and DIYBio for […]

What’s Next: Outcomes from DOTS. The Impact Summit

At DOTS. The Impact Summit that took place in Nakuru, Kenya from December 5-7, we used the power of a gathering to co-create and kick off long-term projects that offer collaborative solutions to systemic problems in different localities. Here come some of the outcomes: Data Sensitivity (with Tactical Tech) Tactical Tech is an international NGO […]

DOTS 2019

the logo of dots. the impact summit

DOTS – The Impact Summit | 5-7 December | Nakuru, Kenya SYSTEMIC PROBLEMS > COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS Climate change, economic inequality and political divisions are only becoming more pressing challenges in the whole world. As a network of networks, hubs and individuals, we want to jointly implement change through concrete and tangible projects.  We will use […]

Open Science for Peacebuilding

Open science offers the means to develop and build tools to help us overcome conflicts (e.g. water sensors in dry regions and seasons). Open science and data literacy equip us to critically think about the root causes of and potential solutions for conflicts. And finally, open science can serve as a vehicle of peace-building in […]

Sustainable Making

Read about the Session Outcomes over at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and on our blog! Globally, two major challenges face us and future generations: Climate change driven by unsustainable consumption, and large-scale under-employment particularly of urban youth. The Do-It-Yourself ethos inherent in the maker movement builds cultures of reusing, upcycling and recycling through hacking and […]

Digital, transparent and self-determined: development cooperation can do more

An outdated self-understanding prevents Europe from working with developing countries towards a common digital future. Europe, the fortress that everyone wants to storm. A Europe whose values and economy must be protected against immigrants from Africa and other parts of the world. This is the rhetoric that the leading development politicians are applying in Germany […]