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Gertrude Mawuena Goh

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Kumasi, Ghana

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I am working on connecting makerspaces in Africa and promoting their works.

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Kumasi, Ghana

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The African Makerspace Network

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The Africa Makerspace Network is a big umbrella of makers, tech researchers, makerspaces and technology enthusiasts for networking and capacity building. Some of the things we do to achieve our goals include directing efforts towards

increasing our network makerspaces visibility by featuring them in our magazine – The African Maker, and on our website

technical, organisational and entrepreneurial capacity building by employing our practice and study week programs

recognising and encouraging our members to be innovative through the Africa Makerspaces Excellence Awards

Policy advocacy works through the African European Maker Innovation Ecosystem Project

With these and many more activities, we hope to gradually create an environment enabling enough makerspaces in Africa to thrive, thereby being more empowered to be sustainable and better poised in contributing to developing a sustainable Africa. So, come, let’s do this together!

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