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Sarah Prien

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Hamburg, Deutschland

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House of All UG

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Hamburg, Germany

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  • The OpenLab Circular Textiles, operated by House of All (H’ALL), is named HALL4CRCLRTY.
  • Our goal at House of All is to make the clothing industry more sustainable and reduce its negative social and environmental impacts.
  • House of All is not just a regular brand; it is a holistic model for an alternative approach to clothing.
  • Our approach focuses on local circular economies, where clothing is designed, produced, and utilized within small communities based on principles of circularity (cosmo-local production*).
  • Transparent designs and community involvement help reduce development costs and promote sustainable fashion.
  • We focus on three main areas:
  • DESIGN – Design, plan, make
  • WEAR – Wear, Use & Share
  • CARE – learn, research & develop
  • We invite the community to participate in the design process and develop circular designs in co-creative formats, both digitally and analogously.
  • In HALL4CRCLRTY, one can explore the processes of textile manufacturing and tackle the challenges of our time through responsible design.
  • We specifically address how textiles can be locally produced to realize a sustainable Fab City.
  • With our wide range of machines, we enable independent designers to engage in small-scale production under sustainable premises.
  • In the research context, we are interested in the following topics:
  • Design strategies for enhanced circularity: Investigating design approaches that lead to more circularity in the textile industry and facilitate distributed manufacturing within local ecosystems.
  • Rethinking processes at the local level: Exploring new mindsets and processes to optimize local textile production and meet the community’s needs.
  • Utilization of local materials: Studying materials available locally and exploring opportunities for utilization, recycling, and production to meet the community’s needs.
  • WEAR
  • At House of All, it’s not just about owning clothing; it’s about communal usage. One can borrow garments and swap them over as often as you like.
  • CARE
  • Nobody goes out naked, and we should care more about what touches our skin every day. Education, research, and development are crucial to realizing our vision. In the lab, you can participate in workshops and also conduct workshops yourself.
  • Together with local artisans and the Chamber of Crafts, we evaluate the possibilities and challenges of local textile production, including the utilization of regional materials and the establishment of a circular system.