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Hamid Khayar Oumar Defallah

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Chad Innovation

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a nonprofit organization representing a community of young volunteers, Chadians, refugees living in Chad and foreigners, entrepreneurs, executives, students whose goal is to raise awareness, mobilize, engage and equip young to learn and explore careers in entrepreneurship to build a resilient generation of leaders. Highlighting what social entrepreneurship means in the 21st century. Seeking to change attitudes in the perception of becoming an entrepreneur, starting businesses and re- imagining spaces in young learners and community stakeholders. To build tech4good communities, by sensitizing and inspiring young leaders to find innovative solutions to problems of our cities. A Tech Hub based in N’Djamena, which advises, supports, trains, and incubates players in the digital ecosystem to promote and advances innovation and entrepreneurship in Chad.


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Mobil Energy Box

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The mobile energy box is a system designed for the production of clean mobile energy for multiple use. This is a condensed cart equipped with solar panels and batteries, lamp sockets, a coil (for water pump, for grain mill, etc.). It offers the user access to energy for all their professional, domestic needs at a lower cost.

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