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Jaiksana Soro

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[email protected]

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South Sudan

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Platform Africa

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Platform Africa is a youth-led refugee initiative that is geared towards creating opportunities and/or empowering practical refugee communities. Founded in 2017, we use technology, peacebuilding, and skills development to help refugees create self-reliant, well-informed, and empowered communities that actively shape the social and economic change they desire. With an office at Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, we (Platform Africa) provide a space that facilitates equal access for members of all cultures, religions, and genders to education and community empowerment through peacebuilding, youth skills development, and the meaningful use of technology


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Refugees/displaced communities

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We use open source software, We use open hardware documentation, We share or contributes to open hardware documentation, We usually document projects internally, We share knowledge on skills and tools