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Sophie Ngassa

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Yaoundé, Cameroon



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Nyom, Yaounde, Cameroon

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ANASTA Hub is called a Peacebuilding Makerspace dedicated to promoting peace leveraging digital skills, social innovation, dialogue, community-based education, and collaboration using science and technology.

ANASTA Hub’s main goal is to create technology that systematically augments our ability to engage positively with each other while tackling issues like conflict mitigation in our community.

Objective: To raise awareness of female digital positive peace communication as a key requirement to reduce violence and encourage entrepreneurship.

Vision:  To foster sustainable local technology innovation via digital skills to improve the community’s standard of living.

We promote #TechforPeace or #PeaceTech.

We are currently working on a project called “Podcasting for Peace and Social Cohesion “at ANASTA Hub aimed at enhancing digital communication, getting women to exchange insights on the impact of digital technology on peace and conflict, and expressing views about local experiences on diversity, equity, and inclusion in enhancing peacebuilding.


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Experiencing peace through digital technology

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Using digital tools, data, and online presence for social cohesion and peacebuilding

Exploring ways in which digital technology bridges cultural and societal divides.

Women Peacebuilders are committed to advancing a more just and peaceful world through digital tech. Women peacebuilders engage meaningfully in conversations, debates, and open discussions about Digital Peacebuilding, peace tech, and ICT for Peace.

In peacebuilding, making can have a real impact in transforming communities away from violence toward positive peace, so we use Inclusive and DIY Approaches in using Technology for Peace.

We use digital tools, data, and online presence to enhance peace-building initiatives by implementing technology solutions.

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