Samer Shawar is one of the founders of Vecbox, the hackerspace and knowledge hub in Ramallah, Palestine with a focus on civic tech and digital rights.

I had the chance to 3D print a solar clock that i always admired and liked to make it in my childhood by using just a stick and small stones. But this 3D printed version is totally different and impressive by using the sunlight beams to pass between the model gaps – it shows the clock in digital numbers. This is an open source model that i found on Thingiverse, it works from 10:00am until 4:50pm. The purpose for me to print it was to explain to kids how in old times people got to know the time and also to trigger their imagination when they see how ancient tools and concepts can be adapted.

For example, an outside sensor added to the clock could track the sun’s position on the sky, and that will make changes on the position of a light ray inside the house that makes the same effect of the sun on the clock, so you could use it inside the house as well.  

Facebook: Vecbox
Twitter: @vecboxps


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