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A 3-months conference (Oct 27 – Dec 19, 2017) in Belo Jardim, Northeast Brazil had the aim to collect and manage water and sanitation data on the city of Belo Jardim together with different actors. The city is located in Brazil’s hills of the north-east semi-arid region. It was once “The city of the waters”, but climate changes are making Belo Jardim pass long periods of years with no rain and restrict access to water. This oasis has on its 20-year-old established industries the main responsible for the 4th GPD on Pernambuco state but at the same time extremely dependent on water resources. As consequence, the vast majority of the population have no local knowledge about water springs, water quality, it’s access, treatment, and levels of pollutants.

The project was a cooperation between students, teachers, citizens, NGO, industrial sector and the municipality. A web platform is responsible to co-collect and analyses the data: saneamentomunicipal.org – a small startup on sanitation from Brazil.

As an educational project, fellows and citizens were called to co-create the data during meetings, talking panels, barcamps, debates, interviews and data collection itself. The importance of the project was that it proposes the use of accessible technology to enhance the quality of water collect, distribution, reuse and treatment alongside its monitoring by citizens from Belo Jardim.

Read more at medium.com/@digitologias/digitologias-belo-jardim-7e6ad0a52187

For visual impressions explore flic.kr/ps/39ro2N


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