Citizen-led data journalism from Brazil’s favelas fills historical information gap

Citizen-led data journalism from Brazil’s favelas fills historical information gap: while the favela communities may be ignored by the government, a local organisation, Data Labe, is using the power of data journalism and narrative storytelling to re-write these, often forgotten, histories of the favelas, and the people who call them home. Through this, Data Labe […]

Olabi launches a project to empower and engage seniors through technology.

In May of this year, Olabi held the second edition of “Aprenda com uma avó”. The project was created in 2020 to be exclusively face-to-face, but its activities were adapted to a 100% digital environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a proposal for people over 60 to offer classes on varied knowledge to a wide […]

Careables Moving Exhibition Beta Edition at Olinda, Northeast Brazil.

Picture showing two people sitting on a bench in front of a chalk board that shows a drawing of the "Aerosol Box"

Careables Moving Exhibition is moving from Berlin to land next in Olinda, Northeast Brazil. After an inspiring first experience at Re:publica Campus, next stop for Careables Moving Exhibition is  Polyclinic Hospital João de Barros Barreto and Casa Criatura Lab. The exhibition will present the careables created, adapted and co-designed covering worldwide replicated prototypes by Casa […]

Co-creating urban water information systems

Digitologias Belo Jardim

Digitologias Belo Jardim A 3-months conference (Oct 27 – Dec 19, 2017) in Belo Jardim, Northeast Brazil had the aim to collect and manage water and sanitation data on the city of Belo Jardim together with different actors. The city is located in Brazil’s hills of the north-east semi-arid region. It was once “The city of the waters”, but […]

ColaborAmerica 2017

We finished 2017 with the first GIG meeting in Latin America. The gathering happened at ColaborAmerica, one of the biggest festivals in new economies in the continent, that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from November 23th to 25th, and was co-organized by Olabi, one of our GIG associates in Brazil. More than 2.500 innovators, […]