Hi all! We provide access to market and finance for smallholder farmers through a digital solution that replaces pen and paper farmer management systems.

Shifting from Paper to Digital

GreenFingers Mobile is a mobile first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform, to manage and finance large groups of smallholder farmers. Developed by a team of agricultural value chain experts, the platform easily adapts to different crop types and use cases.

For more information or to get involved contact [email protected] and visit our website at greenfingersmobile.com.


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  • Thanks for your comment. GreenFingers Mobile currently has 8,700 small farmers registered in our system across Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. They are currently accessing income, many for the first time, through contract farming with big buyers such as Nandos. They also have their technical assistance recorded to build out a virtual CV and have all their commercial transactions recorded building credit records enabling access to finance. We are speaking with agribusinesses in South Africa working with small and emerging farmers that are keen to utilize our system. GreenFingers Mobile instills confidence in large food corporations that they can have a transparent value chain when working with outgrower schemes and aggregators (Agribusinesses) as their pen and paper farmer management system is being replaced by a digitized solution that enables real-time data, monitoring and reporting.

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